Imperiass Balls - Deep Easy - 2 Lube Balls

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Pre-lubricated oval capsules that break during penetration, releasing oils that cause individual sensations. Imperiass Deep Easy provokes a sensation on the skin composed of clove and cinnamon for numbing, increasing even more the intimate pleasure for a better anal experience. Use them with a partner or alone.


Sunflower seed oil, corn mint leaf oil, and clove

It is necessary to say first of all that we are not selling a single product, we are selling an Erotic Fantasy because this is a product that will allow the couple to have unique sensations, simultaneously, during the intercourse, or even could be used alone for masturbation.

Imperiass is like small eggs, covered by edible gelatin that when inserted in the anus will dissolves and releases a fluid based on sunflowers, through the internal body heat and humidity, plus the pressure of the penis, vibrator or dildo inside the body. To help insert it inside the anus, the Imperiass already comes pre-lubricated from the factory, been read to use. Imperiass could work as lubricant as well helping to moisturize the skin. Widely used by couples to surprise the partner, as a novelty or to spice the relationship even more.


How about putting the Imperiass in the refrigerator for at least two hours before using it? This causes them to release cold gel when break and then warm up! The Imperiass can also be used during a bath to lubricate the entire skin, it is silky, soft and fragrant, ready for love. They can also be used to massage the entire body. Try it!

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